Our Community Agreement

Rhythm Club aims to co-create accessible, inclusive and fun spaces to learn in. We want everyone attending our classes, events, and interacting in our digital spaces to have a safe and enjoyable time, in a space where they can be themselves and be excited to learn new things. To help everyone feel supported and able to do this, we have established this community agreement. This is a living document and will grow and change as we do. 

Co-conspire with us: 



Racist, classist, transphobic, homophobic, body-size antagonistic, ableist, and similar comments and behaviours will be unpacked.

Be open to growing

Be open to growing your awareness of your prejudices and privileges and making space for all voices.

Actively challenge old norms

Sexist comments, catcalling, and sexual harassment /assault have no place in the music industry or our society.

Prioritize consent

Be aware of others’ body language and personal space and do not touch them if they don’t want you to. Related to this, respect the physical, mental, and emotional boundaries of others.

Recognize that mistakes are going to happen

Try and think through the impacts of your behaviour and take responsibility for what you say and do. While we want to make space for learning and growth, repeated disregard for this agreement may result in someone being asked to take a break until they can show up in a better way.

Acknowledge and respect Indigenous lands

Rhythm Club is based on the traditional and contemporary territory of the Ktunaxa, the Syilx, and the Sinixt peoples, on land that is also home to Métis and other Indignous peoples. Our work takes us to other areas that have been cared for by Indigenous people since time immemorial. We commit to increasing our awareness of whose lands we are guests on and treating the spaces and environments we gather in with respect.

We value communication. If you want to chat about any of the above, please reach out: